All the products we sell are 100% natural and derived from plants. The people of the Amazon and the Andes have been using these plants for generations and now through the benefits of globalization are able to share them with people from around the world.


The majority of the plant species in the products we distribute are endemic to, and mostly wild-harvested from community forests in the Amazon rainforest. By supporting Arbor Mundi and our production partners, you are helping us conserve the Amazon by demonstrating the value of intact forests, while providing sustainable employment based around collecting and processing these super nuts, fruits, berries, seeds, pods and resins. 


Here is some information about the plants in the products we supply. We are adding our new essential oils plants soon!

Aguaje Fruit (Buriti)
Mauritia flexuosa
Aguajes have incredibly high Vitamin A, E and C levels and are high in Oleic acid. The people of the Amazon have been consuming this unique fruit for its vitamins and phytoestrogens for millennia.  
The oil, referred to as Buriti in Portuguese and now in North America, is used as a potent moisturizer and to treat sun-damaged skin and is also used to hydrate, soften and straighten hair.
Due to the extremely high beta-carotene please take care when using Buriti oil to avoid contact with white clothing. 
Brazil Nut
Bertholletia excelsa

Brazil nuts are high in anti-oxidants, selenium, vitamin E and zinc.


Brazil Nut Oil is useful for preventing and treating dry skin and promoting collagen production. 

Our partner, Candela has been wild-harvesting Brazil nuts in southern Peru for decades, serving global food and cosmetic oil markets. Arbor Mundi is able to connect food and cosmetic industry buyers to the Candela supply chain.

Copaiba Oleoresin
Copaifera Paupera
Copaiba oleoresin is extracted from the trunk of giant Copaiba trees in the Amazon. While unfortunately many producers cut down the very old trees Candela providers tap the trees non-destructively, using a similar method employed in maple syrup extraction in North America. 
Copaiba oleoresin is a highly sought after product due to its anti-inflammatory and skin-repairing qualities. It is useful both in the pure format as well as in balms and other natural skincare products. 
Passion Fruit (Maracuyá) 
Passiflora edulis
Passionfruit (Maracuyá in Spanish or Maracuja in Portuguese) is a very useful and surprising plant. The fruits are energy-providing, sour and sweet, while the leaves make a unique herbal tea with sedative properties.  
Candela Maracuyá oil is cold-pressed seeds from organically grown passionfruits in Peru. It is super rich in Vitamin-C, highly moisturizing while light and fast-absorbing.
Maracuyá oil is useful for a multitude of natural cosmetic applications, whether blended with other ingredients or in the pure format. 
Sacha Inchi Nut
Plukenetia volubilis
Sacha Inchi nuts (sometimes referred to as Inca-nuts in English) have been cultivated by indigenous communities in the upper Amazon for generations. They are extremely rich in Omega 3 and protein.
Ungurahui Fruit (Bataua)
Oenocarpus bataua

Also known as Bataua or Patauá, Ungurahui is extremely rich in Omega 9 Oleic Acid. 

The Awajún people of the Amazon have been collecting Ungurahui, both as a nutritious edible fruit as well as pressing the fruit into oil, to strengthen and shine their hair and skin for generations.  

A truly unique and highly prized product, not easily sourced from other providers, it is great for skin and hair and would make a great additive to shampoos and conditioners. 

Amazonian Rosewood
Aniba Roseadora
Palo Santo
Aniba Roseadora
Rosewood trees in the Amazon are a highly valuable and protected species. The oil has been traditionally used for skin healing and regenerative properties. 
Rosewood is highly prized by fine perfume and cosmetics industries for its scent and properties. 
We only supply highly responsible Rosewood oil, which is made from only small branches and under the certification and supervision of CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).
From the north coast dry forest of Peru, Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) has long been considered a sacred wood to the native inhabitants and through colonial and modern times.
Palo Santo is an endangered species. Unlike virtually every other producer, Essential Oils Peru only uses dead wood. Fallen branches are collected after wind storms in partnership with traditional communities and under the supervision of the ministry of forests.

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