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3 of our most popular oils bundled together for Face, Hair and Body. Please see the individual pages on each product for more detailed information.


Face: Maracuyá Oil: A vitamin-C rich daily face moisturizer for radiant skin. Great for all skin types and a superior non-toxic replacement for chemical-based face creams. 


Hair: Bataua Oil: A game-changer weekly hair treatment for shinier, thicker and healthier hair. 


Body: Brazil Nut Oil: Super hydration for dry or mature skin. You'll never want to use chemical-based lotions again!


Each bottle is 33ml / 1.12 fl.oz.  (Weight in cart may show 7lbs but that is to rig our platform into free shipping :)

Rainforest Face Hair & Body Pack

C$68.00 Regular Price
C$58.00Sale Price