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AROMA: Delicate, floral aroma with woody notes.


SPECIES: A highly valuable Amazonian tree, Amazonian Rosewood Oil (Aniba Roseadora), has traditionally been used for its skin healing and regenerative properties.


AROMATHERAPY: For emotional balance and creating a refreshing and relaxing environment.


SKIN CARE AND PERFUME: Highly prized by fine perfume and cosmetics industries for its scent and skin healing properties.


SUSTAINABILITY: Amazonian Rosewood is a vulnerable species. Essential Oils Peru is the most responsible Rosewood Oil producer in the Amazon, only using branches and leaves rather than cutting down trees. Amazonian Rosewood extraction is under strict supervision and certification of the Peruvian Ministry of Forests and CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).


PURITY: All Essential Oils Peru products are of the finest quality and 100% pure, never diluted or chemically modified.

Amazonian Rosewood Essential Oil 10ml

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