AROMA: Lemony, fresh and surprisingly vibrant. Happiness in a bottle.


SPECIES: Lemon (Citrus Limonum) is well-known fruit tree originating in Asia and now growing around the world. Our lemon essential oil is steam distilled from the peel of a vibrant sweet lemon varietal. Steam-distilled lemon is far less photo-toxic than standard lemon essential oil which is cold-pressed.


AROMATHERAPY: Refreshing and energizing, which transmits a sense of positivity and improves concentration. Ideal to spread in work environments for easing stress and fighting fatigue.


SKIN CARE: Lemon Oil is known to provide many benefits such as rejuvenating complexion, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and as a tightening and toning astringent that reduces the amount of oil production in skin and hair. Ours is distilled rather than cold-pressed, thus far less photo-toxic than other brands.


PURITY: All Essential Oils Peru products are of the finest quality and 100% pure, never diluted or chemically modified.


PRICE: C$15 = $12 USD (approx.)

Sweet Lemon Essential Oil 10ml (0.33 fl oz)


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