Please consider donating to our non-profit association in the Amazon. Arbor Mundi was established as a social enterprise, primarily to support the people and forest in the Amazon through revenue transfers to our partner Bosqueros. Direct support of Bosqueros is well appreciated!


Bosqueros does innovative, low-cost and no-nonsense reforestation and capacity building projects in the Amazon. No bureaucracy, intermediaries, big salaries, consultants and fund-raising expenses like the big organizations. To start we are planting a tree for each $5 USD (C$6.60) on our small farm partners' properties.


100% of donations are sent to Bosqueros in the Amazon. We are demonstrating small scale project capabilities in order to obtain institutional grant funding for bigger projects so all donations are well-leveraged. Please visit for more information on our sister organization.


No taxes on donations. Don't be afraid to add as many to your cart as you would like : ). Because our partner non-profit association is registered in Peru, unfortunately we cannot provide tax receipts outside of Peru until we partner with a North American foundation.


C$20 = $15US

Bosqueros NGO Donation - Plants 3 trees in the Amazon!


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