Only 2 bags left of the 12cm sticks! (the new batch are 10cm) 


Palo Santo Sticks (Species: Bursera graveolens)

6 stick and 12 stick available.


Our sticks are bigger! And more importantly, our Palo Santo is the world's most sustainable.

6 sticks: Approximately 57g / 2oz

12 sticks: Approximately 114g / 4oz


Each stick is approximately 12cm (5 inches) long and about 1 cm (0.4 inch) square. High quality. High resin content. Nicely cut. This is above the standard 10cm / 4 inch size.


100% sustainably sourced. Naturally fallen wood only. Fully traceable from the Manga Manga community partnership with Essential Oils Peru in the Dry North Coast Forest in the Piura department of Peru. Buying our Palo Santo helps protect this forest against clearing for agriculture.


6 Sticks: C$16 = $12 USD (approximately)

12 Sticks: C$26 = $20 USD (approximately)


Note on Palo Santo and Sustainability:

Please recognize that there has been a lot of misinformation around Palo Santo recently. The species Bulnesia sarmientoi is sometimes sold as Palo Santo. Bulnesia sarmientoi comes from the Gran Chaco region of South America (Paraguay / Bolivia / Argentina border), is critically endangered and should not be bought or sold.


True Palo Santo is the species Bursera graveolens, which grows in Peru and Ecuador. This species is not endangered but the dry forests in which it grows plentifully are threatened as they are being cleared for livestock. The fact is that buying traceable Bursera graveolens such as ours, as a high value forest product, prevents forest clearing for lower value, low-yield cattle ranches in this arid climate. Furthermore, our partner EOP only uses naturally fallen wood, works with the community to plant new trees and supports a women's cooperative which makes handicrafts from the wood.

Large Palo Santo Sticks


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