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Raw, USDA Organic Sacha Inchi Oil. Fair trade from small family farms in Peru. 

Please refer to enclosed product data sheets. 


Product Description:

Sacha Inchi is an Upper Amazon plant which produces star-shaped seed pods, and the nuts when toasted are a healthy snack. 
Sacha Inchi is an outstanding oil for those with oily or Acne prone skin. It is lightweight and among the richest in Omega 3 (Linolenic Acid) in the world as well as being high in Omega 6 (Linoleic Acid) and Vitamin E. Sacha Inchi conditions the skin making it softer, while reducing inflammation associated with Acne and Psoriasis. Sacha Inchi Oil prevents break-outs by reducing oiliness of skin and boosting natural Sebum production. It is also recognized to function as a mild sunscreen so with all these attributes makes a great daily face moisturizer and protector and superior additive to products for those with oily skin.


New Lower Price

Now $85 CAD = $64.50 USD 

Specific Gravity = 0.93

1 kilo of Sacha Inchi oil = 1.075 litres / 36 fl. oz. 


Presentations: 1KG  |  3.5KG  |  18KG  |  190KG

Please contact us by email for pricing and logistics of 3.5KG and bigger. 

1 kilo Organic Sacha Inchi Oil (1.075 litres / 36 fl oz)

C$85.00 Regular Price
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