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PRODUCT: 1kg Organic Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil. Commonly known as Passion Fruit Seed Oil, Maracuja (Portuguese) and Maracuyá (Spanish). Expeller-pressed. Unrefined. Now USDA Organic Certified.

PROFILE: Passion Fruit Seed oil is a great natural moisturizer for everyday use and all skin types. It is a natural vitamin C face serum high in antioxidants and omega 3, and reputed to brighten and even out skin tone.


APPLICATION: The intended use in this 1kg presentation is as an ingredient in small volume natural skin and hair care products. Passion Fruit seed oil makes a fantastic, low-cost natural ingredient in skin products.


SUSTAINABILITY: Candela Peru is a leading global supplier of South American carrier oils. Their wild-harvest and fair-trade operations promote Amazonian conservation and sustainable employment.


HIGH VOLUME USE: 3.5kg, 18kg and 190kg volumes are available at lower prices per kg direct from Peru upon request (please email).


C$77 = $58 US

1 kg Organic Passionfruit Seed Oil (1.06 litres / 36 fl oz)


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