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100% Pure, Raw, Fresh, Wild-Harvested Copaiba Balsam (Oleoresin / Oil)

Non-destructively collected in the Peruvian Amazon. Filtered. Not steam distilled.

Copafeira officinalis* (see species note at bottom)



Copaiba is a tree that grows in tropical Amazon areas of South America, especially in Peru and Brazil and reaches between 20 to 30 meters of height. Candela Copaiba Balsam is collected through non-destructive harvesting (drilling a small hole and tapping the trunk), rather than chopping the tree down, which is the predominant harvest method by other commercial scale producers.  


Benefits and Uses: 

This tree produces Balsam / Oleoresin in its trunk that has long been used by indigenous communities due to its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. As such, Copaiba Balsam is often recommended for reducing inflammation and severity of diaper rash, psoriasis, herpes, acne, dermatitis and fungi. Copaiba is also a natural astringent, which tightens skin, thus reducing wrinkles. This is raw, non steam-distilled product. (Steam distillation removes many of the useful components and fatty acids).


In Point Form

The powerful benefits of Copaiba Balsam for skin are:
• One of the most anti-inflammatory products on the planet
• A cicatrizant (aids in scar recovery)

• Often used to reduce irritation and blemishes resulting from Acne, Psoriasis and Eczema
• Has astringent properties (tightens skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles)

• Contains antibacterial and antifungal agents - used as a natural ointment


Copaiba Balsam is indeed a special gift from the Amazon, which in our case, is collected by forest-based indigenous and mestizo community members non-destructively by tapping trees, similar to maple syrup extraction. By purchasing our sustainable Copaiba, you are helping to conserve the Amazon by valuing wild trees near settlements and reducing the economic motivation to clear forest for plantations and ranches. 


Specific Gravity = 0.91


Please contact us for pricing on 4.5KG size (special order).


*A note on the species. Apparently Candela mistakenly labelled all their Copaiba as the species Copaifera paupera, however their official documents are for the more commonly known Copaifera Officinalis. The two species and resin are essentially indistinguishable. 

Copaiba Balsam (Copaiba Oil / Copaiba Oleoresin)


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