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Raw, Wild-Harvested Aguaje / Buriti Oil from the Peruvian Amazon.

Please refer to enclosed Product data sheets in the photos for all details. 


$172 CAD = $130.50 USD 

Specific Gravity = 0.91

1 Kg of Aguaje Oil = 1.09 litres / 37.15 fl. oz. 


Product Description:

Aguaje (Buriti) oil is the world's richest natural source of beta-carotene (Vitamin A / Retinol), exceeding carrot seed oil. Aguaje oil rebuilds and hydrates skin cells and protects natural collagen and elastin while restoring moisture to sun-damaged skin. It has a rich amber color such that can be used as a natural bronzer and studies have shown effectiveness as a natural sunblock. Makes a great additive to natural sunscreens and after-sun sprays. 


Presentations Available: 1KG  |  3.5KG  |  18KG  |  190KG

Please contact us for pricing and logistics for 3.5KG sizes and greater.

1 Kilo Aguaje / Buriti Oil (1.09 litres / 37 fl oz)