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PRODUCT: 1kg Organic Brazil Nut Oil. Wild-Harvested in Peru. Cold-pressed. Unrefined. Food grade. USDA Organic Certified.


PROFILE: Brazil Nut Oil is highly effective as a skin emollient, rich in antioxidants for renewal of skin and hair. Brazil nut oil has a luxurious profile, high in Oleic and Linoleic Acids (Omega 9 and 6), Selenium and Vitamin E. It is useful for preventing and treating dry skin and promoting collagen production. Light, nutty scent.


APPLICATION: The intended use in this 1kg presentation is as an ingredient in small volume natural skin and hair care products. Brazil Nut Oil is a great all-purpose moisturizer for face, hands and body. Particularly beneficial for mature or dry skin.


SUSTAINABILITY: Candela Peru is a leading global supplier of Organic Brazil Nut Oil to the leading global cosmetics brands. Their wild-harvest and fair-trade operations promote Amazonian conservation and sustainable employment.


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1 kg Organic Brazil Nut Oil (1.1 litres / 37 fl oz)


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