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Raw, USDA Organic, Wild-Harvested Brazil Nut Oil from the Peruvian Amazon.

Please refer to enclosed product data sheet. 


$56 CAD = $43 USD 

1 kilo of Brazil Nut oil = 1.1 litres / 37 fl. oz.


Uses and benefits: Brazil Nut oil is very effective for skin humectation and contributes many antioxidants which help to renovate dry hair and skin. Because of these characteristics, this oil can be used to prepare natural soap and lotions to hydrate and repair the hair and skin. It can also be used to heal wounds, sun-burns and to remove make up. Brazil Nut Oil is also used to treat skin irritations or allergies and even diseases like psoriasis. Simply apply 1-3 teaspoons of Amazon nut oil on skin or hair and massage softly.


Presentations: 1KG  |  3.5KG  |  18KG  |  190KG

Please contact us for pricing and lead time for 3.5KG or higher.

We guarantee best pricing or match it at each size in the USA and Canada. 

1 Kilo Organic Brazil Nut Oil (1.1 litres / 37 fl oz)

C$56.00 Regular Price
C$48.00Sale Price