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PRODUCT: Candela Peru’s Pure Cupuaçu butter / Copoazu Butter (Theobroma grandiflorum). Cold-pressed. Non-deodorized, Raw (Unrefined). Fair Trade. 1kg (2.2 lb) vacuum sealed block format.


Deodorized Cupuaçu is also available upon request at the same price (deodorization is a steam process, which results in a nearly scent-free product but also far less antioxidants). Please specify deodorized in the order notes.


PROFILE: Cupuaçu butter is rich in oils and has a high capacity of liquid retention, which makes it ideal to prevent skin from drying. It is specially recommended for delicate areas of the skin such as the face, the skin around the eyes and lips. It is also one of the most effective butters when it comes to repairing damage caused by UV radiation.


APPLICATION: A high-performance natural ingredient in skin and hair care products. Typically used in balms, natural sunscreen and make-up foundations. Use from 3% to 100% pure. Cupuaçu butter also contains phytosterols (beta-sitosterol in particular), which operate at the cellular level. Phytosterols are used topically in the treatment of dermatitis diseases and to stimulate the healing process.


SUSTAINABILITY: Candela Peru is a leading supplier of natural butters and oils to the cosmetics industry. Their responsible wild-harvest and fair-trade operations promote Amazonian conservation and sustainable employment. This Cupuaçu is harvested by smallholder farming partners in Madre de Dios, Peru.


Please contact us for volumes over 5kg's and EXW pallets for preferential pricing.

1 kg Copoazu (Cupuaçu) Butter


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