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Through our close partnerships, low overheads and amalgamated logistics, we ensure our customers get the highest quality, freshest ingredients at best in class prices at every quantity from 1 kg to 1 shipping container. Whether you are a new entrepreneur developing your first skin care product or you are improving the raw material supply for a well established brand, we are the best source for skin care, nut oils and essential oil products from South America and we are ready to support your business. Like you, we value quality, sustainability, good value for money, integrity and providing a reliable, friendly service. 


We represent Candela Peru and Essential Oils Peru, globally trusted leaders in oils, butters and essential oils who supply some of the largest cosmetics and essential oils brands. They have leading fair trade and sustainable practices that support the people and forests of the Amazon and Andes. We are all in business to do things properly and make a positive impact. With your help we will grow and replace the many operators doing things poorly, and improve the livelihoods of communities and help reverse deforestation. 



1lb, 1kg, 4.5kg, 18kg, 190kg 


Sacha Inchi Oil (O)

Brazil Nut Oil (O, W)

Copaiba Oil (Oleoresin) (W, S)

Ungurahui Oil (W, S)

Buriti (Aguaje) Oil (O, W)

Passion Fruit Seed Oil (O)


1lb, 1kg, 5kg, (+ smaller on request)


Palo Santo (W, S)

Andean Mint (W)

Peruvian Myrtle (W)

Pink Pepper (W)

1lb, 1kg, 18kg

Cacao Butter (O)

Cupuaçu Butter (O)

Murumuru Butter

Deodorized Cupuaçu Butter

Deodorized Murumuru Butter

(O) = USDA Organic Certified     |    (W) = Wild-harvested      |    (S) = SERFOR Traceability


We carry inventory and samples in British Columbia and New York State in order to quickly and efficiently serve both Canadian and US customers. For quantities over 5 kgs, please contact us for preferred pricing. For quantities 1 pallet or greater, please contact us for high volume pricing EXW or DAP shipments from our production partners. We act as both the North American distributor and sales agent for our partners Candela Peru and Essential Oils Peru at no additional cost to customers.  


Our local inventory shop. Ships from Buffalo, NY or Vancouver, BC. We can ship to Europe, Australia etc. Cost by weight. Pricing is in Canadian dollars (C$1 = 0.75 US dollars). We have all our Carrier Oils and Butters back in stock including new USDA Organic Certified formats and spiffy new labels!


  • Payment by Credit Card or PayPal and is SSL Secured through this trusted Wix e-commerce platform. Large volume orders arranged externally.

  • Local Inventory ships from White Rock, BC and Buffalo, NY. Allow 5-7 business days shipping to USA or Canada. We ship to Europe, Australia, etc.

  • US orders pay no state taxes. We are just required to collect 5% federal sales tax as a Canadian company for US orders. 

  • Out of stock on anything you would like? Please contact us for special requests or to be notified when we replenish our inventory. 

  • Please contact us for quantities over 5KG's for preferred pricing. Lowest possible EXW or DAP pallet pricing and logistics available on request.

  • We are confident we have the best prices on all our bulk materials at every volume. Please notify us if you find a lower listed regular price on the same ingredient for a similar quantity elsewhere and we will beat it.

  • We have a 100% happy customers policy. If you are in any way unsatisfied with anything, let us know and we will make it right.

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