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Vancouver, BC, Canada 

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About Us


We strive to be the best provider of natural body products and fine foods from South America in the North American Market.


We build bridges between farmers and small and medium sized manufacturers of natural products in South America to the markets of North America. 


We specialize in supporting smallholder farmers and indigenous communities and representing small and medium sized fine foods and body product manufacturers from South America. We deal in both finished products and bulk ingredients for North American food and cosmetic buyers.


We are based in Vancouver, Canada with efficient access to air and sea port facilities and a leading gateway to both the US and Canadian markets. We strive to continuously build new connections with North American buyers, whilst providing personal and dedicated attention to our production partners. 


We strive for a Triple-Bottom-Line primarily through the following commitments:

People - Partnering with fair-trade production partners who work with marginalized communities in the Amazon and Andean regions of South America

Planet - Supporting our highly efficient reforestation and sustainable value chain development non-profit entity in the Amazon (Bosqueros Peru)

Profit - Ensuring our activities are extremely efficient, client-focused and economically sustainable for the long-term