We strive to be the best provider of natural products and ingredients from South America in the North American Market.


We build bridges between farmers, collectors and producers of sustainable natural products in South America to the markets of North America. 


In 2017 my family and I returned from living in the Peruvian Amazon where I was an advisor in Sustainable Bio-trade and International Development. During our time in the Amazon I learned a great deal about the incredible plants and challenges facing farmers and indigenous communities, particularly the lack of good buyers and responsible intermediaries. I am motivated to help our friends and their neighbours in the Amazon and Andes connect their amazing raw materials to external markets while contributing to the return to valuable, high-performance natural products.


The Amazon is the world's greatest botanical library, and we have barely scratched the surface of realizing the value and utility of all the amazing endemic plants there. I am committed to serving the forests of the Amazon and the highlands of the Andes while ensuring the raw material growers and collectors receive fair income and gratitude for their hard work and expertise.


We are based near Vancouver, BC with efficient access to air and sea port facilities to serve both the US and Canadian markets. We also work with a warehouse and fulfillment partner near Buffalo, NY. We strive to continuously build new connections with North American buyers, whilst providing personal and dedicated attention to our production partners. Please contact us to see how we might work together.

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